What is Burswood Point, the largest urban development in Western Australia

After years of dedication, Burswood Point comes closer to life to present the fullest potential of Western Australia’s potential: its natural beauty, economic stability, and alluring entertainment. This year will be the year of progress, where all the sweat has become fruitful.

Burswood Point combines what Western Australia is, to extend the length and longevity of stability—while experiencing the excellent standard of natural beauty that could not be found anywhere else. It is a lifestyle of achievable prestige, where everyone is invited to visit Burswood Point as a landmark destination that we are proud of as a Western Australian.

We are here to present what is Burswood Point, the largest urban development in Western Australia.

Located on the tip of the Burswood peninsula, right in front of the majestic Swan River, Burswood Point is planned to be the face of Western Australia with its internationally recognised entertainment and prestigious lifestyle, including a 5-star hotel, commercial district, malls, selection of highly regarded F&B, and so much more offering that would only situate in Burswood Point.

This $3.8 billion-dollar mega project will transform the peninsula with 4,500 residential apartments and homes, as well as office and retail space.

Golden Sedayu’s Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Sugiaputra, expressed that this development has been carefully planned. “At 38 hectares, Burswood Point is one of the largest urban development projects ever undertaken in Australia, and certainly the most ambitious mixed-use redevelopment currently underway in Perth,” he said.

“With its dress circle position across from the Perth CBD, Burswood Point is set to become a

destination in its own right – home to a range of premium tourism and recreational facilities,

including markets, riverside parks, shopping centers, and luxury hotels.”

With over 2.5 kilometers of Swan River foreshore, we have allowed for 110,000 square meters of public open space – larger than Langley Park.

Golden Sedayu has already completed $80 million in site works including access roads, water works, and sewer pump station, bulk earthworks importing more than 300,000 m2 of sand, road works, and a new bridge connecting Victoria Park Drive into Burswood Point.

 “Over the past few years, we have been busy preparing the site, building infrastructure, and finalising our plans in conjunction with the State Government and the Town of Victoria Park,” Mr. Sugiaputra adds.

We thank you everyone for your patience and enthusiasm to know more about our project, and we will keep you updated on our progress in developing Western Australia’s finest development for everyone to visit. 

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Burswood Point, Perth's Pinnacle of Living

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